ABS sheets - Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS)

ABS sheets

ABS sheets sAre produced using of extrusion technology and are featured by high toughness and hardness. Are suitable for further heat treatment by air-assist forming. Extrusions have a good stability of size. The sheets can be used for facings of ceiling, walls, interiors, for advertising – possibility of impress. The sheet´s facilities can be regulated adding of UV stabilizer.

Characteristics and usage of ABS sheets

ABS sheets have very high optical quality and are available in several colours in smooth or raster surface. Have very good temperature resistance, chemical resistance and are very good workable. The sheets are strong, resistant against the scratching and shows good dimensional stability.

ABS grains

ABS can be used in temperature range from -50°C to cca +70°C. By lower temperatures decreases its impact strength. All the products in this group are suitable for vacuuming temperature forming and can be additionally contact adhesived, welded by ultrasound and mechanically fastened.

Their advantage is low volume weight, very good workability, high mechanical strength, are very good heat treated, possibility of using the UV stabilizer, are recycled and environment free and have good chemical resistance.

The disadvantage is low atmospheric conditions resistance and material absorbability in regard of the heat treatment.

ABS sheets we can use in automobile industry, sport, for covers of machines, producing of advertising stands, tables, transport palettes for electric industry and many other possibilities.

Technical parameters of the ABS sheets
Property Value
Strength in tension min. 40 MPa
Thermal stability by VICATA min. 107 °C
Retraction - lengthwise max. 5 %
Retraction - cross max. 1,5 %
Tolerance of thickness ±0,1 mm
Tolerance of width ±1 mm
Tolerance of length +1 mm
-2 mm
Measuring weight 1050-1100 kg/m3
Inflammability degree HB

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