HIPS sheets - High Impact Polystyrene

HIPS sheets

The sheets are produced using of extrusion technology. Used materials are edible and healthy clean, therefore it is possible to use the sheets for packing in food industry. The sheets are suitable for air-assist forming, for bending, cutting and for advertising. The sheets can be bonded by glues which contains diluent.

Characteristics and usage of HIPS sheets

These sheets exceeds by trouble free treatment, higher resistance against impact and high costs effects. This material is used mainly by vacuum treating and by seriography. HPS very good suits for serious conditions, for example as material for indoor shell of refrigerators, where there is very important clean and smart look together with possibility of direct contact with foodstuffs.


The HIPS product is caoutchouc modified polystyrene, which has increased impact strength. Is available in mat treatments on one side and glossy on the other side. The standard colour is white, but we can produce also sheets in other colour, according to customer´s request.

HIPS sheets have remarkable surface quality, above – standard resistance against the impact in low temperatures, are suitable for heat treating, can be smooth with mat or glossy surface, are very good for seriography, have excellent electrical insulating characteristics, are suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs and are up to standard for incombustible standard UL 94 HB.

HIPS sheets we can use for indoor shells of refrigerators, sanitary products, bathroom panels, walls of shower enclosure, vacuum treating, tables for seriography, vendors, furnishing of caravans and motor caravans ect.

Technical parameters of the HIPS sheets
Property Value
Strength in tension min. 18 MPa
Thermal stability by VICATA min. 95 °C
Retraction - lengthwise max. 7 %
Retraction - cross max. 2 %
Tolerance of thickness ±0,1 mm
Tolerance of width ±1 mm
Tolerance of length +1 mm
-2 mm
Measuring weight 1050-1100 kg/m3
Inflammability degree HB

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